The Story Behind Golfish

The Story Behind Golfish

If you’ve been enjoying the apparel from Golfish, it’s time you know our story! We offer a variety of apparel for anyone who enjoys a modern prep look and a classic New England feel to their wardrobe. Although we started by designing the best golf belts for men, Golfish quickly expanded as we saw how much our classic apparel was loved. In today’s blog, you’ll learn all about our company and the story behind it. Browse our apparel today!

More than a Modern Prep Style Brand

The founders of Golfish created their brand out of a passion for their favorite hobbies – fishing and golf. While we love the look of our modern prep style, we’re a lot more than that! Our goal has been to create apparel that not only works great for fishermen and golf enthusiasts but also looks great in your everyday wardrobe.

High-Quality Golf Apparel

You can’t beat the quality of apparel made for golfers, by golfers. We’ve got everything you need to look your best on the green, and all of our apparel, from hats to tops, is designed to let you play your best game without getting in the way. Our golf belts are a classic staple for any golfer – making your outfit look great and tying in the modern prep style you love.

At home on the Fairway or the Water

All of the classic apparel we design at Golfish is made to be worn on the fairway or the water. Since our passions lie in our love for working hard, and enjoying time fishing and golfing, we created everything with both of those hobbies in mind.

Something for Everyone

No matter what you’re searching for, we’re confident that we have the golf apparel for everyone. You’re sure to find something you love when you shop at Golfish! Whether you need a fleece vest to keep you warm on crisp fall day or you’re looking for a hat to match with all of your outfits, or something else from our selection of golf belts, board shorts, hats, and tops, we’re confident you’ll love the modern prep style apparel we have to offer.

If you love golf, fishing, or just the classic New England style, Golfish has the apparel for you! Browse our selection to find the perfect items for your favorite hobbies or to bring some coastal style to your daily life.

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