Style Guide: Dressing for Every Summer Occasion with Golfish

Style Guide: Dressing for Every Summer Occasion with Golfish

As we approach Memorial Day weekend, it’s time to celebrate not just our heroes but also the start of summer with the range of activities that define Sound Country Living. Whether you’re hitting the golf course in our expertly designed golf attire for men, spending a day on the water in stylish boat attire, or enjoying a casual BBQ, Golfish offers the perfect blend of style, comfort, and versatility. Here’s how to dress for every summer occasion with Golfish’s latest collection of men’s summer outfits.

Smiling man aboard a sailboat at the marina, wearing Golfish's Striped Polo in red, Woodway Printed Web Golf Belt in blue, and Riverscape Trucker Hat in heathered red. He gestures welcomingly, perfectly dressed for a stylish day by the water or a casual gathering at the marina.

On the Golf Course: The Cobia Performance Polo

Our Cobia Performance Polo is more than just a shirt; it’s an essential part of golf attire for men, designed for mobility and comfort during those long hours on the golf course. Featuring 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking fabric, it ensures you stay cool and flexible, perfect for that swing. Available in vibrant colors like Teal, Coral, and Blue, this polo embodies both functionality and style.

Young man on a golf course posing with a golf club resting on his shoulders, wearing a blue Golfish Cobia Performance Polo and a heather navy Deepriver Trucker Hat. His confident smile and casual stance exemplify a perfect golfing attire for a comfortable and stylish game.

Life on the Water: Golfish Print Board Shorts

For fishing or boating days, our Golfish Board Shorts are top picks in our men’s boat attire collection. Designed with quick-drying and non-fading materials, they keep you comfortable and stylish on deck or in the water

Man leaning casually against a black truck outdoors, dressed in a light blue Golfish Boat T-shirt with the 'Fairway Marina' design and vibrant blue and white floral Lotus Board Shorts. He is also wearing a red and white trucker hat, looking off into the distance with a thoughtful expression, perfectly embodying the leisurely yet stylish coastal lifestyle.

Breezy Mornings and Chilly Evenings: Angler Lightweight Hoodie

Perfect for early morning tee times or an evening by the water, our Angler Lightweight Hoodie provides the right amount of warmth without the bulk. Its soft, breathable fabric makes it an excellent choice for layering during those breezier moments outdoors.

Accessorizing for Flexibility: Stylish Belts

No outfit is complete without the right accessories. Our belts, like the Stanwich Stretch Golf Belt and Weeburn White Leather Golf Belt, offer the perfect blend of style and functionality, ideal for transitioning from a day at the marina to an evening event.

polo red square

Conclusion: Embrace the Sound Country Lifestyle

This Memorial Day, embrace the versatility and style of Golfish attire, designed for every aspect of Sound Country living—from the fairways to the marina, and everything in between. Celebrate the start of summer by enjoying the comfort and style of our clothing, wherever you go. For more summer-inspired looks and daily style tips, follow us on Instagram. Here’s to a season of adventure, relaxation, and style with Golfish!