A Guide to New England Beach Style

A Guide to New England Beach Style

When it comes to coastal living and impeccable style, there’s something undeniably alluring about New England. With its breathtaking beaches and enduring charm, this region has inspired a unique fashion aesthetic that seamlessly combines sophistication with relaxed coastal vibes. Golfish offers a carefully curated range of apparel that effortlessly blends New England style with functionality, from the fairway to the marine. Learn more about how to achieve your New England style, and shop Golfish today!  

Nautical rope tied to deck

Embrace Nautical Elements

New England beach style is often influenced by its coastal heritage, with nautical elements serving as iconic symbols. Incorporate pieces like navy blazers, Breton striped shirts, or anchor motifs into your style to pay tribute to the region’s rich maritime culture while maintaining an air of sophistication.

New England Beach

Opt for Light and Breathable Fabrics

Beaches call for lightweight and breathable fabrics that keep you comfortable all day long. Incorporate linens and other lightweight materials into your wardrobe to stay cool and stylish under the summer sun. Golfish’s collection of golf apparel, including golf belts, shirts, and more, ensures maximum comfort during your gold sessions or time on the pier.  

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Crisp Whites and Pastel Hues

Nothing epitomizes New England beach style quite like a palette of crisp whites and soft pastels. Choose chinos and shorts in neutral shades and complement this with shirts in hues like light blue, seafoam green, or coral pink. These colors evoke the beauty of New England’s sandy shores and create a timeless summer look. 

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Accessorize with Care

Finishing touches make a world of difference in refinding your New England style. Choose accessories that blend luxury with simplicity. A stylish pair of boat shoes, hats, or the best golf belts for men will all serve to elevate your look. 

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Versatility is Key

New England style is all about versatility to enjoy classic coastal pastimes. At Golfish, we offer a range of stylish yet functional clothing that ensures you can embrace both golfing and fishing with ease. 


New England beach style for men is a perfect fusion of refined elegance and casual coastal charm. With Golfish’s range of high-end belts and golf apparel, you can effortlessly embody this distinctive aesthetic. Embrace the tranquil beauty of sandy beaches, the allure of sailing, and the timeless New England essence with our carefully curated collection. Explore our selection today and elevate your style to new heights.