About Us

Growing up in Ireland you could always find my brothers and I golfing and fishing. It was no different after moving to the states. Our love for the greens and water quickly became a daily routine. Based in Fairfield County Connecticut, Golfish [golf-fish] a merging of the two words, was created around the way the 5 of us grew up.
Over the years I realized the interests we had were mirrored by many everywhere I traveled. Although these two hobbies seem disparate, the marina and clubhouse have very similar aesthetics.
Today the modern golfer and contemporary fisherman have interests beyond the course and water. So, our logo of a fish swinging a club just made sense.
Maintaining a modern prep and classic New England feel we began this adventure making stylish mens belts that fit that way of life. We spent countless hours designing and engineering our styles to blend across each of these advocations. So whether you are hitting the links or casting a line, Golfish has got you covered. Whether you’re looking for the most comfortable belt to wear on a day on the links, coastal apparel for your time on the water, or something unique to wear when you’re out on the town, we have everything you’re searching for. Explore our entire selection of classic apparel and place your order today.
At Golfish we believe in hard work while making time to enjoy life. For us, that's family, golf, and being on the water. We call it "sound country living."

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